The Thanksgiving Chaplet

TRINITA-Giulia-210x300In our prayers, in our litanies, we always ask for something for us and for other people. We never say simply “thank you” without asking for anything in exchange”.

In the last months of her life, Giulia wanted to write a “ Pure Thanksgiving Chaplet”: it’s like a gift she has left us”.
Let’s try to discover  her thoughts, trying to retrace her same path…
Let’s start from here:

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You will find some suggestions how to say this prayer  in the text as well..

How many things to be grateful!

“In our prayers, in our litanies, we always ask for something for us and for other people. We never say simply “thank you” without asking for anything in exchange”. Giulia
With these words Giulia explained to her friends, her desire to write a prayer to express simply and only our thanks to God.
It is that natural and inborn “Sense of Beauty and astonishment” which children have inside in their hearts, and which Giulia grew inside her since she was a child. The capacity of astonishment, the desire to know which she maintained ,even in her illness, just like a kind of training to discover, day by day, all the reasons to chant her thanks.
A telephone call, a friend’s visit, a lesson by one of her teachers, a moment of joy with the family, a moment of consolation in one’s soul, a ray of sunlight …each day at least one reason to say thank you.

With that gaze always turned to “the Beauty”, even in the very last moments of her young life, Giulia managed to offer a smile to those who greeted her, to say “ thank you very much”, uttered with difficulty, to take a photograph to memorize the friendship tie of those who were beside her and accompanied her on her path.
A gaze which always talks about the “The Beauty”, with trust. Therefore, among the things for which to say thank you, there was also the gift of good health , which she meant as the great merciful gift she felt to receive in her heart., “since – as she repeated to young people in her public speeches- the first thing is to heal inside”. The prayer for the recovery from illness came after that: “The most important thing is, as the Blessed Chiara Luce says, may God’s will be made”.

Word by word, a chant, a dance

The last months of Giulia’s life were like a dance during which her suffering became a thanksgiving hymn.
Being helped by her most intimate friends to whom she dictated the thoughts she had in her heart, Giulia started to  compose the text of this prayer: one sentence, another one, then a correction… Despite the fact that she was worn out, she strongly felt the impulse to complete her last composition, almost as if it was a reply to an interior need.
It seemed she wanted to leave us the most important experience  she had lived in her young life: the experience  to have  really felt God’s love , though living in a sharp pain, an experience which had become a chant of Joy in her soul.
Thinking about the text was a moment of great concentration and contemplation for her, as if it was a sweet and intimate dialogue with God, so that it was Him that could make her understand how He wanted that this prayer had to be written.

She took  care of each single word, and she often wanted someone to read aloud the verses to be sure, also by asking those who were besides her, that no sentence might lead to a prayer for request: this prayer had to be written only to say “thank you”.
At the peak of her suffering, on August 18th, during the evening, two steps away from heaven, she composed the final prayer thanking Jesus who, on the cross, gave us His young Mother. It seemed to all of us a sign of the Providence that on 19th, in the evening, at the end of young people Via Crucis with the Pope attending the 2011 WYD, Giulia realized her dream.

To say thank you? It’s possible?

We believe that Giulia wanted to show us a way; the way to learn to foresee in each moment of life, the Beauty she caught as sign of God’s presence.
A light which wins against any darkness, for which we can also chant our thanks, transforming our lives in a dance…

How can it be possible? It is a message also for you, who have difficulty in believing: make out the good who is living inside you, your talents, your capacities.
Discover the signs of the Beauty beside you, the strongest and truest friendships, the dearest loved people.
Recall  the days of your life and observe each moment you have lived , catching the gifts which refer to a bigger Love.
You feel it inside you: your heart can’t helping chanting of joy.

Even when everything seems to tumble down, even when we tackle our failures, even then we can discern a renewed path. And a thanksgiving chant raises from our hearts .

We believe this is the flash of light Giulia meant to leave to all of us…

… and if you believe  that you have nothing to give… try instead to…
look here!

Throw yourself into giving,
you cannot help but thanking!

The images of the Thanksgiving Chaplet

coroncina_di_ringraziamento_quadro_Ges_e_Maria…Let’s discover them together!

Giulia wished her Thanksgiving Chaplet was accompanied by an image.
It is for this that, thanks to a priest who was her friend, she met the painter Umberto Gamba, a painter from Bergamo.
Here the tale of the painter who helps us to fully understand the deep meaning of the images chosen by Giulia herself!
«On August 11th, 2011,a few days before the Assumption day, upon Giulia’s explicit request, we went to pay her a visit: she wished to find an image of Jesus and the Holy Virgin’s faces which were suitable to illustrate her thanksgiving chaplet.
She was really worn out  in those days, but she had clear in her mind how she wanted those faces to be and so she told us about it: Jesus and Mary will have smiling  and serene faces, with a friendly and loving gaze turned to those who are looking at them in a blue-shade like the sky, shining on everybody.
She asked me to paint a girl running, while stretching out her arms towards them.
Who knows – I wondered – Is she Giulia ? Or does she represent ill children? Or does the young  girl represent the simple mankind?!…
During our meeting we thought of a painting with blue shades and with a horizontal skyline which divided- but not too much !- the sky from the earth, where the young girl is running on and  where her shadow is projected behind her, thanks to Jesus and Mary’s Light. Only later, we thought to make the young girl’s shadow be similar to the big statue of the Risen Christ, which can be found in the surrounding gardens of Medjugorje parish church».

TRINITA-Giulia-210x300«When the layout of the portrait of Jesus and Mary was well defined, Giulia observed that, her  prayer was addressed to the Holy Trinity… and that it was necessary to illustrate it as well!
She willingly accepted to see a painting where I had tried to represent the Holy Trinity and to hear about my explanation referring to a couple of biblical quotations: “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father (John 14,9), and “Who is the image of the invisible God,” (Col 1,15); starting from these quotations I had painted Jesus’s face reflecting in the sky but not  like in a mirror, since they are two distinct persons though they are just alike. At the end we agreed to make their Love relationship more clear by the portrayal of the Holy Spirit’s dove, using red shades in which everything is enshrouded. She was really affected by  my reading and she was fully satisfied.
I started immediately to work and a couple of days later I sent her the file with the portrait of Jesus and Mary’s faces; I loved the idea that she could imagine  them so smiling and serene.. a few days later she got the Mercy to see them really and to be enshrouded but the real Love’s Fire of the Holy Trinity.

The two original paintings are made on paper with Indian ink and the size is 50 x 70 cm.
We deeply thank Mr Umberto Gamba to have given us his own account!