The children prayer

preghiera dei piccoli“There are  so many sick people who remain alone:
it is right this escape from us,
sick people, that frightens us.
Nobody escaped from me, I wish this could be so for everyone.”


With these feelings in her heart, Giulia organized two Children’s prayer appointments, one during Christmas time and the other one during Easter time with the aim at offering to sick children and their families the opportunity to stay with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, to pray Him with simplicity and to hold each other up with a hopeful and joyful gaze at Him.

Giulia strongly believed that it was necessary to offer sick people, not only a human and medical support but also the possibility to share a  deeper spiritual experience.

Therefore, with her great and joyful determination, Giulia involved children, families, young people and priests to organize  moments of prayers and brotherhood opened to everybody.

Then let’s start! …to prepare adoration songs, small observations, to share those prayers who everyone bore in his or her heart…

…To her  younger friends she suggested “…to “adopt” and “embrace” a sick child in their prayer”.