Guardianship notes

Explanation and guardianship notes following some unpleasant episodes of  improper use of  Giulia and the Association’s pictures, writings and so on, with promotion of initiatives not authorized by the family and privacy law violation.

Gabrieli family and ConGiulia NPO dissociate themselves from any type of action,  introduced in the name of Giulia, of which no official information is published on this blog.

Therefore, Antonio and Sara Gabrieli, invite the visitors NOT TO SUPPORT such actions.
Any use of Giulia’s photos, images, writings and thoughts with the aim at raising money  or at launching publishing projects or other, especially for profit or at producing any possible income  or put beside any other association or symbols has NOT been authorized by the family.

Any possible initiative – as those ones which have been already achieved- will be officially  introduced on the website, which is currently the only officially authorized one.
Any other website or webpage which would like to publish any news about such initiatives, will be able to do it only upon  specific Giulia’s family written authorization.
Furthermore, we want to underline that  there are NO Facebook or other social network pages or official groups devoted to Giulia  or to his book “ A hook in middle of the sky” which have been authorized by the family.
We are not liable for any contents of other websites or webpages which have linked or copied any pages of the blog and we invite each user to the greatest caution and confidentiality and to address to the only active official contact , for important matters.

Gabrieli family and ConGiulia NPO reserve themselves the right to take any appropriate  guardianship legal action, if necessary, and to inform the competent authorities.