The process of beatification

“This is the story of Giulia Gabrieli, 14, suffering from cancer. Know right
away that Giulia made it. It is true, she is not healed: she died on the
evening of August 19, at her home, in the district of San Tomaso de ‘Calvi,
in Bergamo, just as the Via Crucis for young people was ending at the
WYD in Madrid. Yet she did it.
She transformed her two years of illness into a hymn to life, into a spiritual
crescendo that led her to dialogue with his death: “I now know that my
story can only end in two ways: or, thanks to a miracle, with complete
healing, which I ask the Lord because I have so many projects to carry
out. And I would like to make them myself. Or I meet the Lord, which is a
beautiful thing. They are both good endings. The important thing is that,
as Blessed Chiara Luce says, God’s will be done “.
Giulia was like this: she said these enormous things, which to us trembling
adults seem unpronounceable, with the lightness of her 14 years of age.
Yet she was a normal girl. Indeed, she often claimed her normality to her:
she was beautiful, sunny, genuinely theatrical, she loved to travel, to dress
well and she loved shopping. An explosion of refined vitality, which the
disease, mysteriously, has not crushed, but amplified. “