“A hook in the middle of the sky”

“A hook in the middle of the sky”
It was his dream and now it has come true. She liked writing about her very much, and her talent was not
lacking. She had proved it in 2009, when she had won the first edition of the “Tales of the Park” Literary
Competition, for the middle school section.
Thus, in dealing with the disease, Giulia wrote her experience, with the intention of making a book that
could be a gift: she wanted to give testimony of that “hook in the middle of the sky” that she had found,
and that accompanied on its luminous path.
Now this desire for her has truly become a gift for everyone. Published by the Pauline Publishing House,
“A hook in the middle of the sky” comes out precisely in conjunction with the World Day of the Sick, 11
February 2012, the anniversary of the apparition of Mary in Lourdes.
The proceeds from the book’s copyright will be destined in part to the AIRC, the Italian Association for
Cancer Research, and in part to support solidarity projects in favor of sick young people and children.
We invite you to read this testimony, in the hope that this can support everyone on their journey, especially
those who, suffering in body or spirit, seek for their life “a hook in the middle of heaven”.

La scheda del libro

Testimonianza di Giulia Gabrieli, quattordici anni, malata di tumore, morta la sera del 19 agosto 2011, che ha saputo trasformare i suoi due anni di malattia in un inno alla vita

Editore: Paoline
Destinatari: Famiglie , Giovani , Tutti
Formato:  Libro – Brossura 

Le edizioni

3 march 2012
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