The association

The non profitable Association “with Giulia”, was set up by her parents, Antonio and Sara, and some family and friends, a few months after Giulia’s death. Its aim is, together with Giulia, to implement the projects that she had in heart.

All the activities that were born from Giulia’s experience, the testimonies, the prayers for children, the publication of her book and other initiatives, are the first fruits of this journey that continues, together with Giulia.
The Association’s projects are particularly in favour of young people and sick children, with a particular focus on the hospital’s “Pyjama School”.
The first initiatives are underway and others are in the pipeline, in favour of Paediatrics or in collaboration with local schools.

We truly realize how Giulia gives us many signs of her presence alongside us and how she leads us by the hand on this journey.
The logo of the Association contains the flower of Guernica from the Picasso painting, which was very dear to Giulia. She said: “in addition to the broken sword, in the Guernica there is this flower, which symbolizes hope …”
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