Here I am, I introduce myself.
My name is Giulia, I am 14 years old, to be precise I was born on March 3, 1997 in Bergamo….

I dream of writing a book to tella story. My story.
Because before, I too was afraid …

If the others are close to us, they come close to us, put a hand on our shoulder and tell us: “Come on, you can do it!” It is what gives us the strength to move forward ..

I really want to have fun, go out with my friends, go shopping, dance, start school again: in short, LIVE !! “

This is the story of Giulia Gabrieli, 14, suffering from cancer. Know right away that Giulia made it. It is true, she is not cured: she died on the evening of August 19, at her home, in the district of San Tomaso de ‘Calvi, in Bergamo, just as the Via Crucis for young people was ending at the WYD in Madrid.

Yet he did it.

He turned his two years of illness into a hymn to life. […]

Yet she was a normal girl. On the contrary, she often claimed her normality: she was beautiful, sunny, genuinely theatrical, she loved to travel, to dress well and she loved shopping. An explosion of refined vitality, which the disease, mysteriously, has not crushed, but amplified.